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About us

All Star Plumbing & Restoration can service anything from a leaky faucet to the installation of commercial plumbing. We have serviced all types and brands, including custom-built units for your business needs.

All Star Plumbing & Restoration is available 24/7 in Southern California with technicians who are experts on any type or brand you may need!

All Star Plumbing & Restoration has been a trusted name in the plumbing industry for decades. We have more experience than any other company because we were once employed by several major construction companies and learned from their mistakes, creating an unmatchable foundation of knowledge that is at your disposal today! All you need to do is call us with your problem, or send over some pictures so our technicians can diagnose it remotely–often times without ever coming out on site (saving time and money).

All Star Plumbing & Restoration has worked on the plumbing of many homes built by some of the largest new construction companies in America such as Ryland Group, Centex, Forecast, Richmond American. These information is now available for you to read about online!

Technicians at All Star Plumbing & Restoration have been with these major builders and homebuilders since their inception into this industry which means that we’ve had more than enough practice working on them over time so if there’s a problem then don’t worry because it’ll be checked thoroughly before any solutions are proposed.

Licenses & Certifications

Choosing a plumber with the proper licenses and certifications in their field is not only a recommendation, but should be any customers priority. Without licensed workers in your home, you as the home owner can be liable for injuries or damage caused.

Our License Information

Our plumbers and reconstruction experts are all licensed, and fully insured to remove any liability or risk from you as the customer.

Insured: Yes

California State Contractors License: A, B, C-36 Licenses

BBB: Accredited A+

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