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Why Should Every Homeowner Know About Slab Leak?

The problem of leaks and cracks in plumbing pipes is a prevalent scenario in almost every home in the USA. The Slab Leak Repair in Anaheim experts state that these leaks can easily be repaired if the homeowner calls the professionals for the repair as soon as they see them. But if the leaks are under the slab foundation of the home, they cannot easily be detected as a homeowner cannot see them.

So, before we discuss a slab leak, let’s discuss what a slab leak is?

In very simple terms, a slab leak is a leakage in copper pipes that are under the slab foundation of the home. These leaks are just pinhole leaks or minor cracks; as a homeowner cannot detect these leaks, the water seeps inside the foundation creating the issue of a slab leak.

According to the Slab Leak Repair in Anaheim professionals no doubt slab leak is a very severe issue, but the various types of slab leak warning signs can prevent further damage to the home.

How Does a Slab Leak Occur?

The slab foundation has been gaining popularity since the 19000s as it is a practical, cost-effective, and durable solution. According to the report of Survey of Construction on the Characteristics of New Housing states that around 63.2 percent of single-family homes are constructed with a slab foundation. 

The problem of slab leak occurs in the home when the plumbing pipes under the slab foundation crack or form leaks for many reasons. 

Warning Signs of a Slab Leak

  • Warm spots on the floor
  • Skyrocketing water bill
  • Damp or wet carpets and rugs
  • Mold and mildew under the carpets
  • Sound of rushing water when all the faucets are off
  • Low water pressure
  • Raised dome in the floor

These are some warning signs by which homeowners can find out that their home is suffering from water damage. 

How Common are Slab Leaks?

We cannot say that the issue of a slab leak is common in almost every region. That means they are ubiquitous in areas that suffer from frequent earthquakes because soil shifting puts pressure on the plumbing pipes. Due to this reason, the pipes shear or crack with time. Apart from that, if the home is old, they are also vulnerable to slab leaks as the plumbing pipes corrode or deteriorate as time goes on.

How is the Slab Leak Issue Repaired?

Suppose your home is suffering from a slab leak after you notice some warning signs. In this case, your first step should be to hire a Slab Leak Repair in Anaheim expert for the inspection. They, with the help of modern and latest leak detection equipment, try to locate the slab leak. Some of the tools they use are electronic listening tools, cameras, line-tracing equipment, etc. 

However, if the experts cannot find the location of the slab leak with the help of tools, they also take the help of video inspection. Once the location of the slab leak is isolated, determining the extent of the damage, How to Fix Slab Leak Repair?. 

Some of the slab leak repair methods are: –

  1. Trenchless slab leak repair method
  2. Re-Piping 
  3. Re-Routing
  4. Tunneling the slab

The Bottom Line

The repair of a slab leak can be quickly done in different ways, which wholly depends upon the severity of the damage. But for that, you have to call a trustworthy plumber to repair the slab leak. So, if you are confused about which is the best plumbing company, then call EZ Leak Detection, the best Slab Leak Repair in Anaheim expert.

The professionals of the company are highly skilled and experienced in the field who do work beyond the expectations of the customer.


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