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What Are The Signs of Hidden Leaks at Home 

The hidden leaks at home can result in expensive repairs as homeowners cannot find the leak. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the hidden leaks at home waste around 11.000 gallons of water annually. That means 1,800 times running your home dishwasher or 280 loads of laundry service. 

The water leaks in Orange County experts say that hidden leaks are the most dangerous as they can offer severe damage to the home if not attended to on time. Now here the question is, what are the signs of these hidden leaks in order to prevent severe damage?

So, let’s put some light on those signs: –

  1. Unexplained increase in the water bill

When sometimes the water bill of your home increases, most people think that they have used more water. Or sometimes, their children waste water on vacations. But if this happens continuously, there may be a hidden leak in your home, increasing the water bill. 

To confirm this, turn off all the faucets in your home and look closely at your water meter. If it is running despite turning all the taps, then indeed, there is a hidden leak in the plumbing system, and it needs the attention of water leak in Orange County professionals as soon as possible.

  1. Mold and mildew

Your home has plumbing pipes that offer water to various parts of the house for multiple purposes. But if any of the water pipes in the home wall have leakage, it will welcome mold and mildew within 24 hours after the leak. 

However, in most cases, this type of leak remains undetected as it is not visible to the naked eye. That means the homeowner will be able to know the leakage once there is visible mold and mildew in the home walls.

  1. Damaged paint or wallpaper

If you notice blistering paint or any type of water stains on your home walls, there is a hidden leak. In this case, call the professional for water leak detection as soon as possible to inspect your home. However, if you ignore the issue, the problem will become severe and cause water damage in the house which can be very dangerous.

  1. Musty smell

A musty smell is another sign that shows there is a hidden leak in your home. That means if the leakage is old, the accumulated water at that particular place delivers a musty smell with the passing of time. So, if your home smells musty and you are not able to find any leak while the inspection, then calls the experts right away.

  1. The flooring of the home starts to sag or wrap

If there is a warped floor in your home, then it is the physical symptom that shows underlying leakage. That means if the floor is sagging or sinking, it’s the time to call the water leak in Orange County experts fast. 

Here take action as fast as possible otherwise, the damage will be very severe, which can also damage the structural integrity of the home.

The bottom line

If you find any of the above signs in your home, there is a good chance that there is a hidden leak. So, in that case, find the best water leak in Orange County plumbers as soon as possible for the inspection and fix the leak. 

However, if you are confused about which company to call for the repair, then believe me contact All Star Plumbing and Restoration for all your plumbing needs. The experts who will come to your doorstep are highly professional, skilled, and experienced for the work. 


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