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Top signs that show you need a new water heater according to water heater repair San Marcos

These days a water heater is one of the essential electrical appliances you will find in almost every home. It not only helps in taking a hot shower on a chilly morning but also helps in cleaning, cooking, and washing utensils and clothes. Keeping this in mind, this is one of the electrical appliances that easily wear out with time and needs replacement. 

According to water heater repair San Marcos professionals, the reason for the wear out of this unit is excessive use, and in most homes, people don’t take care of it. In short, they take the water heater for granted and think it doesn’t need any maintenance or service. But in reality, it needs proper care and service from time to time to work efficiently. 

On the other hand, despite proper care, there are various reasons by which the water heater needs replacement. So, if you want to know those signs to prevent any significant damage, we will help you to know those signs. Let’s get started: –

The water heater is too old.

According to water heater repair San Marcos experts, the average lifespan of a storage water heater is around 10 to 15 years. After that, they need to be replaced at any cost; otherwise, they will ask for frequent repairs and will take more money than replacement. So, if your water heater is old, ensure to replace it with a new one to avoid calling a professional now and then.

The hot water is rusty.

hot water is rusty

If you get inside the bathroom to take a hot shower on a chilly morning and the water comes out rusty and metallic, it is the telltale sign that the unit is rotting from both sides. But before you make a decision to buy a new water heater, ensure to confirm whether the rust is coming from the water heater or corroded pipes. 

Check to drain around 2-3 buckets of water from the unit, and if the 4th bucket of water is rusty, then surely the water heater is rotting and needs replacement.

The unit makes a lot of noise.

The water heater needs regular flushing; otherwise, the sediments will start build-up in the water heater tank, and there is no space for hot water. When these sediments become hard, they will create banging and rumbling sounds that indicate the water heater needs some kind of help. According to water heater repair San Marcos professionals, in this situation, the unit will not run efficiently, and with time it can cause significant damage to the system. So, if you are not in the habit of flushing down the water heater regularly, then these sediments will force you to replace the unit as soon as possible.

Asking frequent repairs

The water heater needs repairs as it is the appliances that can form some type of issue anytime. But if you notice that the unit is asking for frequent repairs for various reasons, then surely it needs replacement. 

Leakage in water heater

If the water heater is getting old, you can see water on the floor and around the tank. In this case, there is leakage in the water heater, and if this leakage is not attended to on time, it causes water damage. On top of that, this can also cause major damage to the water heater as, with time, the leakage can get severe.

So, in this case, call the professional as soon as possible and if it can be repaired, go for it; otherwise, replace the water heater with a new one. 

Thermostat issues

If your unit offers warm water but not as much hot water as it used to, the heating element has some fault. In this case, set the temperature between 120 to 140 degrees; if still the problem persists, ensure to call the professional as they will tell you what exactly the problem is.

The bottom line

The above issues in your water heater say that your water heater needs replacement. So, Call Today the water heater repair San Marcos professionals for its inspection, and if the unit is not in the condition to repair, make sure to buy a new one by taking advice from the expert.


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